A Month-long Solo Adventure to Palawan

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I confess, I’m a travel addict. I get a high when I step out of my comfort zone because I get to trust God big time and meet strangers and see them turn into good samaritans, even to good friends… These things really get to my veins making me high. Although I’m just starting to embrace a nomad life, I see myself travelling the world most of my years ahead. My confidence isn’t based on the money that I have in my bank account, because I literally have no money in my bank account (lol), but based on the goodness of my loving and adventurous God. But before I see the rest of the world, I wanna put first the once named BEST ISLAND in THE WORLD. Palawan, Philippines’ very own. I’ve been to Coron once for 3D 2N but that kind of travel is not what I plan for. My bucket list includes threading Palawan from north to south, being in the not very popular tourist attractions aka undiscovered paradise. I just know that there are more to Palawan than the popular El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa.

An undiscovered paradise in southern part of Palawan.
An undiscovered paradise in southern part of Palawan.

When I found out that Cebu Pacific has a seat sale, I immediately searched for Puerto Princesa and found low fares. I booked January 1-27, 2017 for less than P1K. Yes you read it right. That’s 27 days in Palawan… ALONE.

I will take just a good backpack (which I am just yet to invest on) and my tent and sleeping bag.
Probably a local will host me.
Probably some fishermen will allow me to join them fish.
I hope some tour guide will allow me to join them with a minimal cost.
Maybe a jeepney or bus driver will help me get to another destination.
I hope I meet new friends.
Just dreaming away here. 🙂

Of course it scares the skin out of me but I have always been willing to pursue things even when they scare me simply because I have a God who is pleased whenever I move in faith. 🙂 I have seen Him provide finances and favor countless times before. He’s a God who never changes, the last time I checked.

And so! I’m writing this blogpost as a faith declaration that this will push through. I don’t know what will happen in the future, if I will still be alive by next year. But whatever happens, I rest in the truth God is good.

Another paradise in the south.

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