What We Do

The Wanderwalkers make it possible for travelers to safely and conveniently visit Balabac, the hidden gem in the south of Palawan that is home to virgin white beach islands and sandbars including Onok Island, Punta Sebaring, Candaraman and Mansalangan.

We are also ocean advocates from Freediving Coaches of Asiaa non-profit group with a mission to teach everybody how to survive at sea; therefore we also conduct freediving lessons because we believe that this hobby will get people to love the sea and eventually, ocean-lovers will take care of it.

Who We Are

The Wanderwalkers is a group of travelers who love discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations, sharing our experience through this blog, and bringing adventurers to the places we love the most. We ourselves are backpackers, adventure-junkies and budget travelers passionate about going to places where the roads are tough and the crowds are roughly present. We hope to contribute to the backpacking community by providing hassle-free trips for travelers, organized by travelers.

How The Wanderwalkers Started

In April of 2016, a group of complete strangers from different parts of the world (USA, France, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines) met through a Couchsurfing hike event in SEA. The WanderWalkers was birthed. These individuals became good friends and remained in contact even after returning to their own countries. Some still met to hike together when possible. One of them, Jonai, thought of creating an FB Page and this website TheWanderWalkers.com which eventually became a tool to meet and reach more wanderers. 🙂


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  1. tabeea

    Hii I saw your page and what you offer, it looks amazing! Do you have a group for the next days I could join? I know, this is super spontaneous

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