Hello there! I am Jonai and I'm on a venture to explore the world's great outdoors. I have co-founded the travel group The WanderWalkers.

The Wander... what???

In April of 2016, a group of complete strangers from different parts of the world (USA, France, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines) met through a Couchsurfing hike event in SEA. The WanderWalkers was birthed. These individuals became good friends and remained in contact even after returning to their own countries. Some still met to hike together when possible. One of them, Jonai (ehem, me!) continued traveling to different places in SEA on a budget, carrying our brand's name on every summit I conquered. I also made a habit of writing DIY guides of routes and hikes I took, which are all published in TheWanderWalkers.com.

About Jonai

Here are 10 things you might be interested to know about me,
1. I am a traveler from the Philippines. I have traveled and backpacked in different SEA countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia but around 70% of my travel experiences revolve around my country of residence (Philippines) and Vietnam.
2. I've traveled with people from different nations. Meeting and connecting with people from all over the world excites me! I don't get intimidated by any race.
3. Keeping a travel blog is my passion. I maintain this travel blog where I share itineraries and budget guides I've planned for and experienced during my travels. I don't earn anything from keeping this site; it's just for pure passion for travel and writing. But if you want to hire me as a travel writer, I'd love to discuss with you!
4. I love communicating in English. I appreciate the English language's role in my desire to travel the world. It connects me to people and at the same time fills my pocket. While I was in Vietnam from June 2016 to June 2017, I taught English onsite and online with English Centers as a part-time job, while teaching Computers to grade school students in an international school.
5. As an aspiring digital nomad, I do freelance writing gigs. I have written travel articles for various clients based on their required voice. You can check my portfolio link down this post.
6. Adventure travel is my first love; I can discover new things tourists or locals couldn't. My Vietnamese friends in Vietnam keep telling me how I know more about their country than they do. That's because I have searched for unpopular mountains and hiking trails to satisfy my craving for an adventure. I was able to do this through strategic research and connecting with key people.
7. Call me a document-queen. It's normal that a lot of travelers take lots of photos. But they don't all take 5-second videos intended to make a travel video, do they? I do, and I have edited my own amateur travel videos for memory's sake. I take a bunch of photos and videos when I'm traveling.
8. Backpacking is my thing. I am comfortable moving around. Staying in one place for far too long bores me. But, at the same time, I don't like to stay for just a 3 days in a place since that would not be enough to discover treasures in a place. I dream about staying for a month or two (or three!!!) in a country.
9. Risk-taker here! I love learning and discovering new things and applying or exploring them, even if it takes leaving my comfort zone! I'm talking about hiking in a mountain solo, camping solo, or even driving the motorbike on a 10-day journey in the northern mountains in Vietnam. There's always something in me that wants to do what others don't.
10. I carry an entrepreneur's mindset. I believe this is required for a Digital Nomad. I started an online store while I also organize local trips here in the Philippines. I currently do Social Media Management to market my services. I'm still learning a lot!
Oops that's already 10. if you want to know more about me and The WanderWalkers, feel free to stalk us here:
My facebook: https://facebook.com/thewanderwalkers
My instagram: https://instagram.com/outdoors.travel
If you've reached this part, I would like to thank you for taking your time!

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