The WanderWalkers from Taal Volcano

the wanderwalkers

One miracle that only adventurers and risk-takers can experience is the wonder of building good friendships out of the strangest events with amazing people from different walks of life. This is a magic that I have experienced after deciding to join 14 other strangers hike the scorching secret trail of Taal Volcano last April 17, 2016. … Read the rest

Why Crystal Beach Is The Best Beach in Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales

d0b22abe3e8c5376d7400ffcef84f6b8b3f6d40e0742c8f0fbac686fd884f26f_fullWho wouldn’t long for a relaxing beach getaway after a series of adventurous summer trips including a scorching trek to Taal Volcano Lake, chasing waterfalls in Laguna, and a risky hike to the monolith of Pico de Loro? I decided to head to Crystal Beach last May 16 for I could not think of any other resort to satisfy my craving to just beach bum, watch the sun rise and set, hear the waves crashing to the shore while I chat or not with my friends, read a book, swing by a hammock, not thinking of any work nor any itinerary.… Read the rest

Inner Lake of Taal Volcano for less than Php1K Budget

Taal Volcano
Nope, I’m not selling anything. 🙂 Just bragging about the experience I had when I decided to push my adventurous mode on and join a bunch of Couchsurfers hike the mysterious Taal Volcano and reach its inner lake. This has been in my bucket list for a long time but finding equally adventurous friends to join me and share with the expenses has delayed me from checking it off.… Read the rest