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Hey, Wanderlust! I'm Jonai and I'm an advocate of budget traveling! I believe that anyone can travel without breaking the bank. In fact, anyone can travel even without a bank to break! Trust me, I've been doing it! How? One, let your passion work for you! Two, follow do-it-yourself routes (that's more adventurous, too!). And three, maximize travel hacks!  

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Latest DIY Guides

Who says traveling has to be expensive? These Do-It-Yourself budget itineraries help you discover non-touristy routes and outdoor activities without breaking the bank!

Craving for a summer adventure but you only have 2 days to spare In this post, I will share to you ...
Cheap Manila – Coron Transfer For Only Php1,000 ($20)
Among all the attractions in Palawan, Coron is the one nearest to Manila However, plane tickets ...
Rock Climbing In The Philippines
Coming back to Manila from Vietnam with my new wall-climbing shoes and harness, I was excited to ...

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Latest Features

Find interesting articles, lists and outdoor travel inspirations.

Balabac Palawan: Visit Before It’s Gone
Incomparable with Coron and El Nido, Balabac Islands in the southern tip of Palawan has its own ...
52 Travel and Destination-Inspired Movies
Running out of travel and destination-inspired films to watch Here’s a list of movies based ...
How To Travel Longer In Another Country
So you love to travel, observe other cultures, meet new friends from other nations, eat diverse ...

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