Balabac Packages – Palawan Philippines

Considered as the Philippines’ last of the last frontier, Balabac group of islands is nothing like you will ever see. You will find here the widest, longest and finest white beaches with sand so soft it feels like marshmallows when you step on it. The vast expanse of clear waters in different shades of blue will make you feel like you’re in another world. Its unique features such as the pink beach, the starfish sandbar, the white sandbars and rock formations are some of the wonders you can explore while you’re there. Let our Balabac Package Tours take you there!

Balabac Group Tours
Balabac Group Tours

Visit Balabac Before The World Finds Out About It

Incomparable with Coron and El Nido, Balabac Islands in the southern tip of Palawan has its own caliber of beauty. Still a virgin, Balabac group of Islands is untouched by commercialization and tourism, making it stand out from among all other tropic paradises in Asia, if not in the world. It has recently opened to foreigners on March 2018 along with the approval of the tourism code. With the local government opening up Balabac to the world, it is expected that more tourists will head towards it. Consequently, tourist prices will also increase. So NOW is the best time to go there, before it turns to be like the touristy Coron and El Nido.

A Beauty So Hard To Get… But Worth It

If it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting. You would definitely have to level up your fighting spirit as Balabac’s beauty doesn’t come easy on your body and wallet. It takes a full day to get to Rio Tuba port in the south from Puerto Princesa via public transportation. If you miss the van, you will have to wait another day. By private vehicle, it’s easier at around 5 hours.

From the port, you will then take 4-hour long passenger boat journey to the Mainland Balabac to register. Even if you are camping in another island,  you cannot skip this step as this is strictly implemented by the Local Government Unit and Coast Guard of Balabac. Then from there, you are free to hop from one island to another. Here’s where the boat tour operator comes in. Boat tours are priced from a whopping 15,000 for a 4-day tour – not really accommodating for solo or couple adventurers unless you saved up a lot for this.

Once you get to Balabac, forget the comforts of the city. No electricity, no consistent signal to allow you to update your social media, no hotel rooms. Only pure adventure in the wild and beautiful outdoors. Sleep in a hammock or tent on an island, eat fresh seafood, watch the sunrise and sunset, and bask in the sun, sand, and sea.

Join our Balabac Group Tours!

We can make your trip hassle-free though! The Wanderwalkers organizes Balabac package group and private tours to Balabac. Instead of worrying about transportation, food, and permits, all you need to do is coordinate with us your desired tour dates, and be in Puerto Princesa where we can pick you up!

Balabac Package Tour Schedules

Aside from these schedules, you can also pick your desired date if you are at least 5 pax, or if you are availing private tour rates for 4pax and below.

2019 Group Tour Schedules:
Feb 22-25
Mar 7-10
Mar 14-17
Mar 21-24
Mar 28-31
Apr 6-9
Apr 18-21 Holy Week
May 1-4
May 9-12
May 16-19
May 23-26
Jun 12 – 15
Jul 18-21
Aug 22-25
Oct 31-Nov3
Dec 23-26

Balabac Packages Prices

Balabac Package rate

Balabac Package rate
Balabac Package rate

🚫Accommodation in Puerto Princesa before and after the tour.

Note: For Group Tours, minimum of 5 pax is required to push the trip at P12,000/pax. If minimum is not met, the trip can still push at an adjusted rate.
P13K/pax if 4 pax only (including van rental)
P13.5k/pax if 3 pax only (no private van rental included, you can ride passenger van)
P14k/pax if 2 pax only (no private van rental included, you can ride passenger van)

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