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Hiking Fansipan Without A Tour Guide

I posted recently a walk through guide for people wanting to hike Mt. Fansipan, where I mentioned that it is mandatory to book a guide through tour agencies. I heard a feedback though from one who tried to do it another way. I salute him for hiking Mt. Fansipan without guide! I quote the following tips from him:

How to Hike Mt. Fansipan Without Guide

It starts at the love waterfall. On the road to it you will first pass the silver waterfall and a couple of hundred meters further on your left hand there is a gate to the love waterfall. Guards are waiting here because you are not allowed to do trekking on your own. After the gate, the waterfall is on the right (there is a ticket booth) and the path to the mountain is on the left. We arrived at 5 am in the morning to skip the guards. But walked in the love waterfall direction because it was completely dark and didn’t know where the trail started. Paying the guards to do the trekking is quite expensive, so you can also say that you are going to the waterfall and then directly after the ticket booth there is a “path” through the bushes to the trail. This is not a path as the normal paths, but sand/grass so really off track. But the normal track as said starts on the left. So three things you can do:

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Friday, November 19, 2021

1. Go early enough to skip the guards.

2. Act like if you go to the love waterfall.

3. Pay off the guards (if this is even possible).

No one checked our ticket on the way. If they ask for your guide, say that is walking behind you.  We grabbed a cab to get to the waterfall, ask him to go to the love waterfall. It took us around 6 hours, but we are not well trained and took lots of breaks for pictures/eating etc.
The track is not difficult to follow, but the climbing itself is sometimes difficult, so wear good shoes. In the beginning, you get lost sometimes, but just follow the most convenient route and follow the little bamboo sticks that are stuck in the ground. There are some blogs explaining other stuff as well. Just search for Fansipan without a guide.


If you are adventurous enough, try the given tips! If you have already hiked Mt. Fansipan without a guide, I would appreciate any tips you could share in the comments! 🙂

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