Hangover Hammock Review

Hangover Hammock by Weirdo Outdoors Review


Weirdo Outdoors’ Hangover Hammock is the latest addition to my hammock collection. I had it tested on my last visit to Summer Cruise in San Luis Batangas and in my apartment. Although accommodations are starting to open up again for visitors, only a few of them require little to no health documents. But that doesn’t stop us from living adventurously, right? So I headed to Summer Cruise, a resort I visited a couple of years ago, which I know has a laid-back ambiance, perfect for hammock hanging, and didn’t require a medical certificate nor travel pass. They have a room with a balcony that serves as a perfect spot to hang and test my Hangover Hammock. I shifted from tent to hammocks on my camping trips since 2017 because of the numerous benefits of hammock camping. Testing and sharing my review of different local hammocks is my way to spread awareness about hammocks while supporting local brands at the same time.

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Chilling on my Hangover Hammock at Summer Cruise
Chilling on my Hangover Hammock at Summer Cruise

My Hangover Hammock with Net Package

The hammock I’m going to review in this post is Weirdo Outdoor’s Hangover Hammock, specifically their hammock with a bug net. Weirdo Outdoors is a team of Bacolod-based hammock-makers producing customized hammocks for 2 years as of 2020. The package I received is a midweight single-ply hammock complete with a bug net and suspension system costing only Php 1,200.

Weighing 900 grams, the package includes an 8ft long x 5ft wide hammock made of 100% polyester 150D water repellent fabric, a thick bugnet, and a pair of 3-meter half-inch webbing straps. They also offer a cocoon-type hammock, made of 100% nylon 70*160D fabric for Php 999. They can customize sizes and could also do 2-ply cocoon hammocks per request. The standard package is good enough for me and given its mid-weight, I think it’s perfect for beach or chill-camping.

Hangover Hammock package
Hangover Hammock package

Weirdo Outdoors’ Hangover Hammock with Net Review

What I enjoy about trying different hammocks is that each of them have their own “character.” Let me enumrate the characters that I appreciate the most about this hammock, as well as what I think can be improved. 

What I love about it:

The thick, durable mesh is securely stitched to the ridgeline
The thick, durable mesh is securely stitched to the ridgeline
Thick mesh
Thick mesh

Extra-Durable Anti-Bug Mesh

Hammocks, in general, are usually rugged; but not when they have a delicate mesh. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’d know that I like bugnets that allow me to see the views outside. However, I’d always have to be extra careful with the mesh. I already had an experience where the mesh got torn at an irreparable length. Somehow I think that the hammock is only as durable as its mesh because bug-preotection is a necessity for me.

Well, mesh problems are almost gone with Hangover Hammock’s design. As you can see in the photo, it is pretty rugged and secure. I don’t have to worry that it might get torn when my feet stretches it too far on one side. The zippers are also securely stitched along the ridgeline, and the tie outs are the most convenient and strongest that I’ve seen in hammocks.

The Fabric is So Comfortable, It Hugs You!

The vast majority of hammocks are made out of man-made fabrics, either polyester or nylon based. Polyester wins in terms of comfort, while nylon champs the lightweight game. I’m so glad that they used the polyester hammock for the hammock with net! In the photos, you can observe that the hammock follows the shape of my body. No matter what position or how I toss and turn inside the hammock, I feel comfortable!

Hangover hammock's fabric is so comfortable that it feels like it's hugging you.
Hangover hammock's fabric is so comfortable that it feels like it's hugging you.
Comfortable and complete hammock system for only Php 1,200? Not bad!
Comfortable and complete hammock system for only Php 1,200? Not bad!

Budget-Friendly for a Complete Setup

I find Php 1,200 to be cheaper compared to other brands that I’ve tried offering a complete system, i.e., with hammock with bug net with bungee cord, suspension system and stuff sack, without compromising on comfort. Of course there are options out there if you want upgraded accessories but if you are a beginner in hammocks and want the best out of your budget, Hangover hammock is a good option to start with.

Basic but Customizable Suspension System

Given the cheap price, the suspension system is very basic. Out of the box (or should I say J&T parcel?), the tree hugger collects the gathered end of the hammock which requires you to tie the other end of the hugger to a tree/pole using a knot, or by using hardware. This is not a problem for beginners as you will just start to know your preferences in terms of setting up your hammock. But for me, I prefer another way. Fortunately, it’s easy to customize the gathered end of the hammock! I just used a paracord as a connecting point between the strap and the hammock. This way, it will set up in a breeze and way easier to adjust.

Original suspension set up of hangover hammock
Original suspension set up of hangover hammock
How I customized the connection between the hammock's gathered end and the strap
How I customized the connection between the hammock's gathered end and the strap
Hammock lounge for 2 people.
Hammock lounge for 2 people.

Wide and Strong Enough for 2 People

Lastly, the Hangover hammock can accommodate 2 people as long as the maximum weight capacity of 120kg is not exceeded. I tried this with my hammock buddy; I weigh 50kg while he’s 60+kg, totaling to 110kg… almost near the max weight capacity. But it carried us just fine, and there were no signs that it’s going to tear or something. 

The width is also just fine for me. However, if you want wider than 5ft, you can ask Weirdo Outdoors for customization as mentioned previously.

What I hope could be improved:

  • I was quite sad to find out that the hammock doesn’t come with a side pocket.
  • Unfortunately, I misplaced my stuff sack easily. I hoped that Weirdo Outdoors would stitch the sack to the side of the hammock so that it would never be lost. It could also double as a pocket! 
Hangover Hammock is recommended for a comfortable chill camping!

Conclusion and Recommendations

To summarize, Hangover Hammock is a good value for your money as it is already a complete system that prioritizes comfort and quality. For people who love to mix and match their hammocks with different suspension systems can also explore with this hammock. Just be mindful to keep its stuff sack when not in use so you don’t lose it! I would recommend this hammock specially to beginners who would like to get the most out of their budget. While it may not be the lightest hammock out there, it’s great for chill camping given its comfortability. Contact Weirdo Outdoors to see their designs or to discuss your desired customizations!

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