Real Quezon River Rafting Balagbag Falls

Real Quezon River Rafting Balagbag Falls Family Adventure

River Rafting in Real Quezon is one of the few adventures that you can do in any weather. Outdoor trips are usually less fun with rain. But Real Quezon River Rafting is a lot more fun during the rainy season! This is because the rapids become more thrilling and the waterfalls are more exciting. When I heard that Real Quezon has already re-opened River Rafting since the lockdown, I took a trip with my family right away! In this post, I will share our post-lockdown River Rafting adventure with a side trip to Balagbag falls! Meanwhile, if you want to try River Rafting while the water is still exciting, then message The Wanderwalkers on FB to arrange a Joiner or Private tour for you!

Relaxing part of River Rafting in Real Quezon
Relaxing part of River Rafting in Real Quezon

River Rafting in Real Quezon is Budget-Friendly

Do you have a lot of excuses for not trying the extreme white waters of CDO River? I understand! First of all, tourism is not allowed yet. Then, it’s expensive to book a flight to CDO just to try rafting. Also, you’re too young or old or scared to be in deep rivers.

Real Quezon River Rafting Is Now Open!

Are you and your friends vaccinated? You can now try River Rafting in Real Quezon! Dec-Feb is the perfect time to visit because of the rapids! We are now offering again Joiner and Private tours. Message us to inquire.

Posted by The WanderWalkers on Friday, November 19, 2021

Then you have no excuse to try River Rafting in Real Quezon! Why? Because first, local tourism is already allowed as of January 2021 and no medical certificates or travel pass or age requirements needed! Also, it’s convenient to do it in one day (all-in package of Php1,850/person only!). Lastly, you only have to sit tight and hold the raft (local guides will navigate the river for you).

River Rafting in Real Quezon is Family-Friendly

I’ve been in Real Quezon countless times. I have a local team there with whom I organize our tours. This time though, I brought my family members because they have not been with Mother Nature since the lockdown. I was with my almost-senior parents, my partner, my brother, and his family. Since we have a toddler and newborn with us, I was worried that they might not be accepted. Thankfully, beach resorts in Real Quezon are already accommodating tourists of all ages. We just left the kids and their mom by the beach while the rest of us are doing River Rafting.

River Rafting in Real Quezon is Safe Even for Kids and Senior

River Rafting in Real Quezon is the midpoint between extreme white water rafting and relaxed river-tubing. You don’t use an actual raft as you see in CDO rafting videos. Instead, you’ll ride rapids using huge tire internal tubes (salbabida) constructed as a mini raft (balsa). This, then, becomes perfect for a 5-km stretch of Tanauan River’s mostly calm and relaxing water. There are a few parts with gushing waters but still relatively flat. The three water drops where you really have to hold tight lest you lose your balance serves as the highlight of the river rafting!

The Raft

Each raft is guided by 2 boatment, one at the back, one at the front. They serve as guides who do the navigating for you. You only need to enjoy and hold tight! Prior to covid19, they allow 3-4 people per raft. But due to social distancing protocols, only 2 people are allowed per raft, unless you are family. In our case, one raft has my brother and his daughter, and the second raft has me, my mom and my boyfriend. Since Real Quezon’s version of River Rafting IS NOT REALLY DANGEROUS, kids at least 7 years old and even seniors are welcomed to try. Just note that there’s a short down trek (around 15 mins) going to the river. Don’t worry! It’s a cemented stone path – quite easy if you still have strong knees!

The River

Although Tanauan River exciting, it’s not really deep! You don’t have to worry that you’ll fall from the raft and drown. Besides, safety helmets and life vest are provided by the guides. Also, the river is relaxing and peaceful. You will just find yourself in a state of gratitude for being able to experience this serenity especially in this time of the pandemic. Well, at least that’s for my brother. He said that while rafting, he was relaxed and forgotten that he’s been jobless and unable to find a job due to covid. Of course there are more exciting parts of the river, which you can view more on the video below:

If you don’t have a go pro, then don’t worry! As mentioned previously, many parts of the river are calm. You can take out your phone from your dry bag to take photos. You can even bring a waterproof case if you still want to use them during the more exciting parts of the river. This serves as the first part of the rafting until you get to Bagumbong Falls.

Bagumbong Falls

While river rafting, you will stop by a short trail going to Bagumbong Falls. It only takes around 10 minutes of flat trek. But make sure to bring proper hiking sandals because you will be crossing the river countless times! If you are not a swimmer, then you can take your life vest with you. Bagumbong Falls has a pretty shallow water basin that is perfect for swimming! Feel free to go to under falls and get a back massage!

After you have maximized your time at the falls, you will then go back to your rafts to finish the rafting. Prepare yourself because the more exciting part of the river awaits!

Tips when River Rafting

  • Bring a dry bag where you can put snacks, drinking water, gadget. Also, a towel is optional to protect you from the wind after the rafting.
  • Use trekking sandals instead of flip flops so you don’t have to remove them while you’re in the raft!
  • It’s better if you have an action camera. But if not, you can use a phone with a waterproof case, or a secure selfie stick.
  • Come early since Real can get crowded during weekends. Because they don’t have strict requirements, it’s easier for more tourists to visit.
  • Don’t skip breakfast because you’ll need that energy to enjoy this adventure.
  • The best time to visit is during the rainy season, most especially December – February.

Side Trip to Balagbag Falls

After River Rafting, another beautiful waterfall awaits. Balagbag Waterfall is a two-level drop that is very much alive during the rainy season. Although it could get a little dry during summer, it’s still worthy to visit any time of the year. You can do cliff-jumping here! The first level has a catch basin that is deep enough. Then make sure to climb up the second level of Balagbag falls where you can also shower or have a back massage. While kids of any age are allowed here, still be responsible parents or guardians so your kids are safe while having fun. Now also, there are toilets near the falls already!

Beach and Viewpoint Side Trip

After Balagbag waterfalls, we then went straight to the beach resort where we also had our lunch and shower. It’s a perfect place to relax after a day of adventure while the kids are enjoying the sand! Although the sand is brown, you’ll still appreciate the beach vibes of Real Quezon. We also visited a viewpoint where there’s a bird’s eye view of the coast of Real.


While there are a lot of places I’ve been to, Real Quezon is one of the few that I keep coming back to. Not just because of the tours, but also because of the nature that envelopes it. You can raft the river, and play around waterfalls, as well as relax by the beach. Also, it’s a place where relaxation and adventure meet each other! If you’re looking for a post-lockdown adventure to start your year, look no further! Because Real Quezon is convenient, fun and safe for the whole family! Check this post for more details including price and itinerary.

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