Island Hopping and Snorkeling in Puerto Galera 2013

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Snorkeling near Camara Island, Zambales
Island-hopped to Camara Island, Zambales Summer 2011

While I was planning my family getaway in Puerto Galera, I reminisced my adventurous Summer 2011 trip in Zambales where I hopped from one island to another, and my Summer 2012 escape to down south Visayas where I and my friends snorkeled the coral gardens of Dauin, Negros Oriental.… Read the rest

Cheap Summer Getaway in Puerto Galera, Philippines

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I have started to explore Philippines’ abundant lands and seas since Summer 2011 when I got tagged by my church friends to Anawangin, Zambales. Summer 2012 was even more adventurous when I hitched the Degollacion Family to their Visayas escapade traveling the provinces of Negros Oriental and the cities of Cebu.… Read the rest