Tagaytay Campsite with Taal view

Tagaytay Campsite with View of Taal Volcano

Happy New Year! I wanted to kick off this year by writing about the probably most memorable camping trip I ever had. For a long time, I used to wish for a campsite in Tagaytay that had an unobstructed view of Taal Lake. Thankfully, a newly-opened restaurant along Tagaytag – Nasugbu Rd offers their small open area with a stunning view of Taal Lake as a camping space. If you’re also planning to have a chill camp with the view Taal Volcano, then read on.

Tagaytay Campsite with Taal View
Tagaytay Campsite with Taal View

Tagaytay Campsite with The Perfect View of Taal Volcano

Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant and Campsite is just the perfect campground for our second anniversary adventure. Aside from having a perfect view of Taal Volcano, it required no hike or long walks allowing us to bring luxury camping items such as a Tatami chair and coleman cooler box! It was also along the highway which makes it very accessible even if you don’t have a car. We camped on a Friday night and we were surprised to be the only one camping there.

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Friday, November 19, 2021
Our tenr at Tanawin sa Gulod Campground with Taal as our backdrop.
Our tent at Tanawin sa Gulod Campground with Taal as our backdrop.


Why You Should Camp In Tanawin Sa Gulod

Here are the things that we loved about this campsite:

1. Unobstructed view of Taal Lake and Volcano. Being residents of Cavite, we couldn’t count how many times we’ve seen Taal, but its beauty is always timeless. We’ve done a couple of Tagaytay camping and Taal Lakeside camping  before but this one is just more special.

2. Perfect Sunrise Watching. For sunrise/sunset chasers like us, this campground is a real treat! We literally woke up to orange red skies and we enjoyed watching the sun come up. It was invigorating to feel the soft warmth of the sun in the morning!


Sunrise at our Tagaytay campground
Sunrise at our Tagaytay campground

3. No hikes. Children and senior-friendly. We loved that it was a chill-camp experience. We’ve really gone out of shape this pandemic and appreciate that this campsite didn’t require us to walk a trail while carrying our camping gears!

So chill with our tatami chair inside the tent.
So chill with our tatami chair inside the tent.

4. Facilities. The campsite is actually just a bare space beside Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant. We ate at the restaurant for lunch although we had some camping food, because who can resist a good old bulalo soup? There are also 2 toilets accessible to the campers.

5. There is no check-in, check-out time. When we camped, we made sure to arrive early to get the best spot for our tent. The  restaurant/campsite doesn’t really do reservations for campers so it was a first come, first served basis. We arrived at 10am, although we were told we could arrive anytime because there’s a guard anyway. Once we have paid the fees, no one really bothered us until we left the next day.

6. Free Coffee from the restaurant the next morning.

This is the campsite's view from the cliff. The left side is the parking space.
This is the campsite’s view from the cliff. The left side is the parking space.


1. The area is small and hilly. We were really fortunate that we experienced the campsite to ourselves. Although the space could still be enough for a couple or more tents, it could feel a little cramped in the flat area of the campground. Also when it’s the peak hours for the restaurant, the customers also pay a visit to the campsite to take pictures.

2. No shades. Since we arrived at 10am, we had a lot of time to spare during the day. It would be more camper-friendly if there were some trees or any form of shade. I guess one can avoid this by doing car camping with an awning for shade.

3. Dysfunctional motion-censored floodlight. The lamp / street light you see in the photos work at night but even when no one was moving around, it flickers, turning on and off all throughout the night. For a light sleeper like me, this was really annoying. Bring your eye-mask!

4. Since it was just beside the highway, it could get noisy when trucks pass by. But we weren’t bothered as we just considered them white noise. For us, it was better than having noisy camping neighbors.

Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant and Campground
Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant and Campground


The price we paid to spend the night with the lovely Taal right in front us was pretty reasonable. We paid 100/head for camping fee, 500 for the tent-pitching fee and 300 for parking fee. The parking lot is just right beside the tiny campground, but it’s possible to park your car ON the campground which they count as car camping (1000 per car). The total damage was 1000 for 2 people. Not bad, right?

Tanawin Sa Gulod Rates and Contact

You may contact them through their page Tanawin Sa Gulod Restaurant.

Camping fee: 100/person
Tent pitching fee: 500/tent
Car camping fee: 1000/car
Car parking fee: 300/car


The Proposal at Tagaytay Campsite

It was Anthony and I’s second anniversary on this camping adventure. Little did I know that he was planning to propose to me that night. It was a perfect silent night with clear skies, chill wind and no other campers. This made this place very special for us. So thank you Tanawin Sa Gulod for providing us a campsite to remember.

I got engaged at Tagaytay!
I got engaged at Tagaytay!


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