Kaplag Outdoor Hammock Review

Kaplag Outdoor Single UltraHammock and Underquilt Review

I welcomed summer by visiting Kaynipa Cove in Ternate Cavite with my new Kaplag Outdoor Hammock. I was so excited to try Kaplag’s UltraHammock with mosquito net which so far is the lightest hammock in my collection! For backpackers like me who are mostly on the move, lightweight is the name of the game! What added to the excitement is the underquilt add-on which I availed to give me warm comfort when hanging on colder campsites.

Using my Kaplag Outdoor hammock in Kaynipa Cove
Using my Kaplag Outdoor hammock in Kaynipa Cove

My Kaplag Outdoor UltraHammock and Underquilt Package

Kaplag Outdoor, based on Cebu City, has been in the hammock-making industry since early 2000s. They have a variety of hammock products such as travel hammock, ultralight hammock, hammock chair, and the UltraHammock which I am going to review here. The package I received is an ultralight hammock weighing only 630 grams and an underquilt weighing 350 grams.

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Kaplag Ultrahammock and underquilt fresh from Cebu City!
Kaplag Ultrahammock and underquilt fresh from Cebu City!


The 630-gram hammock package includes a 9.8ft x 3.6 ft single hammock made of ripstop nylon, a built-in mosquito net, a pair of 3-meter colorful tree huggers half-inch wide, and a bungee cord as ridgeline for the bug-net. This hammock can carry up to 150kg. They also have a more spacious version of this hammock measuring 9.5 ft by 5ft at 800 grams. So what’s the verdict? Find out below!

Kaplag Outdoor UltraHammock Review

What I enjoy about trying different hammocks is that each of them has their own “character.” Let me enumerate the characters that I appreciate the most about Kaplag’s hammock, as well as its cons. 

What I love about it:

Kaplag UltraHammock is officially my lightest hammock with bugnet!
Kaplag UltraHammock is officially my lightest hammock with bugnet!
The ripstop nylon is soft and comfortable to the skin.

Lightweight, Comfortable and Affordable!

In my previous review, I mentioned that nylon wins the lightweight game while compromising comfort. Well, Kaplag’s hammock defied that statement! This tiny 630-gram hammock doesn’t just top other hammocks in the market in terms of weight, but it also provides a level of comfort. It’s not stretchable as other hammocks made of polyester, but it’s soft to the skin, and not stiff!

Usually, lighter gears are heavy on the pocket. But then again, Kaplag doesn’t agree. This ultralight hammock complete with net and straps only costs P900. 😱 Budget backpackers like me should really take a look at this! The fabric ripstop nylon fabric used is also quick-dry! How convenient, right?!

Durable Mesh with Shade

This feature came as a surprise for me! I’ve never owned a hammock with a shade before… Usually, I would have to set up a tarp to keep me from being blinded by the sun when hammock-camping during the daylight. But the makers of Kaplag who are almost 20 years in hammock-weaving know better. They incorporated a silky black fabric with the mesh to provide just enough coverage for your head. 

If camping during the night and you want to see the stars or any view, don’t worry because you can just shift your position so that your view won’t be blocked by the shade. 🙂 The mesh is also surprisingly durable despite being thin. It’s strong enough that I don’t have to worry when I lay my head on it, or kick it when I stretch my feet.

A third part of the bug-net serves as a shade.
A third part of the bug-net serves as a shade.
Hammock shade keeps you from being blinded by the sun or light.
Hammock shade keeps you from being blinded by the sun or light.
Kaplag's hammock pouch with handle.
Kaplag's hammock pouch with handle.

Efficient Packaging

Kaplag’s UltraHammock also has impressive packaging. Instead of the typical stuff sack, they used a pouch with a handle to house the hammock when not in use. This makes it easier to store or carry. Because of its shape, the hammock can also serve as a pillow when you need one, e.g., on the road.

When the hammock is in use, the pouch transforms into a pocket located under the shade. I love how it was thoughtfully-located because you can put your phone and other valuables there while sleeping, and not worry about them being stolen. 

Excellent Overall Design

When you expect this hammock closely to look for flaws, you’ll be disappointed because you won’t see any. You’ll realize that this gear was made by professionals. Even the littlest things are well-done. Here are some of the small details that impressed me:

  1. Stitches are very clean. There are no loose pieces of threads. Even the part where the mesh and the nylon fabric are joined is neat.
  2. Zippers have puller tabs to make it easier to hold it.
  3. Clips are provided to keep the mesh well-organized when not in use.
  4. Loops are provided at the gathered ends for whatever purpose you might want to use it, such as attaching the ridgeline, or a carabiner.
Excellent strap to keep the mesh organized when not in use.
Excellent strap to keep the mesh organized when not in use.
Loop for attaching ridgeline or carabiners.
Loop for attaching ridgeline or carabiners.
Excellent stitches.
Excellent stitches.
Underquilt by Kaplag Outdoor
Underquilt by Kaplag Outdoor

Underquilt Add-on

Lastly, what I love about Kaplag is the underquilt add-on. Although the Philippines is a tropical country, there are still places that are cold and windy such as my current home in Tagaytay. I honestly hate it when my back feels cold from the wind!

When I discovered that they have underquilt, I didn’t think twice to avail it for only P800. It only weighs 350 grams. I used it when I slept in Kaynipa Cove where it was quite chilly at night and I could say that it’s definitely effective!

What I hope could be improved:

Well, from the pros I’ve enumerated, it seems like this hammock is almost perfect. There is just one thing that I wish was different, and that is the width. Being a single hammock, it is only 3.6 ft. When the hammock is too stretched from end to end, it becomes a little narrow for me to achieve a diagonal lay. But this can be solved by providing a little more sag. 

Anyway, Kaplag has a wider/double hammock (5 ft wide) but it would increase the weight to 800 grams. So I prefer to stick to this single-size hammock and just be mindful to give it more sag when I hang it. 

The hammock can get narrow when hanged tightly. This can be solved by providing more sag.

Conclusion and Recommendations

So what’s my final verdict? Well, Kaplag Outdoor UltraHammock is perfect for ultralight backpackers who are always on the move. It provides comfort after a long day of hiking, being on the road, or exploring outdoors. The price is also affordable and the quality is great! If you would like a wider hammock, you can avail yourself of the double size worth P1,200. But for tiny girls like me, the single size is good enough. 

Kaplag Outdoor has plenty of cool adventure products in their FB page so make sure you visit!

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