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Jomalig Island Budget Traveler’s DIY Guide

(All information is written and provided for by co-Wanderwalker Junnel Jade Chowdhury)

PHILIPPINES – Your very own secluded beach in Jomalig Island for $35.10 or P1,705 per head for a 2-day stay excluding meals.

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Jomalig Island
Jomalig Island
No doubt! You will fall in love with the pristine gold-like sand of Jomalig (ho-má-lig). Its seclusion makes it  an awesome escapade from the hustle and bustle of metro, while the genuine hospitality of the island locals makes you inseparable from it. All the details of  your next adventure are listed in the next sections.


4AM (suggested departure from Manila)

From Manila go to Real, Quezon:
-via raymond bus, infanta bound ( 24 hours available) for P195.00
@legarda station near Arellano University
-travel time is 4-5 hours. Don’t forget to remind the driver to drop you off at the municipality of Real to get to Jomalig-bound ferry or else you might end up in a different place.

9AM ETA in Real

-upon arriving in Real, Quezon  go to Jomalig-bound ferry ports
via tricycle (available 5AM to 10 PM)
-travel time is 10-15 minutes
-ask the driver to drop you to the jomalig bound ferries port, there are several ports there so make sure to verify if there is an actual ferry scheduled that day.
-amount P50.00 (divided by 3 person)


Once in the ferry/boat:
-(available 7AM to 11AM ) availability varies on factors that only the boat owner knows but I figured it would be very helpful if you can contact them directly for the schedules 
Jomalig boat contact details
Jomalig boat contact details
-travel time is 5-6 hours so you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want while in the boat!
-boat isn’t the luxurious ferry type that you may imagine, it only has plastic/monoblock chairs for you to sit but we would highly recommend for you guys to stay on the topload so you can lay down or better, sleep.
-boat comes with free meal! Yes, you read it right yey! But again don’t expect too much since it only has a cup serving of rice and whatever viand of the day that they may have. Well personally I actually liked it.
-bring water and snacks since they dont serve them there
amount P400 – P350 (depending on boat type)

ETD IN Jomalig 3PM or 4PM

-Upon arrival you will pay an Environmental fee of P170
-Ride a habal habal to go around the island although walking would also be enjoyable because of the shaded paths and smiling locals.


-Be advised that they no longer allow free tent pitching at Salibungot and they require tourists to have a Resort to host them otherwise you may be offloaded from the island. This is being established by the municipality to keep the island clean since unfortunately most of the campers that went there don’t know what “leave no trace” means
-We suggest you go to Tejadas resort. Trust me you’ll definitely fall in love with their pine trees lined on the shoreline, and their authentic Filipino countryside feel. Their rates are absolutely reasonable.


We spent:
-200 per person each night for a fanned room
-100 per meal (which we opted for convenience and yes its all you can eat rice! )
-You can also camp for P150 tent pitching
-Room and tent fees cover comfort room use for free!
-They have running water 24 hours a day and its not saltwater so no worries and also they have electricity between 1PM to 5AM next day


-Mobile Signal is extremely weak for internet use but acceptable for call and texting
-The resort’s mobile is 639075375234 – Ate Aida
-To get to a bus back to manila once in real you can rent a tricycle for P120 (shared by 4 person) and ask the driver to drop you off to manila bound bus.

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All information is written and provided for by co-Wanderwalker Junnel Jade Chowdhury.

Jomalig beach
Jomalig beach

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