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Trail Hiking Preparation: 7 Things To Do The Night Before

We all know that on the night before hiking, the most important thing to do is to make sure our backpacks are light but complete. However, having hiked 20 mountains trails in a span of 10 months since I started, I realized that there are tiny preparation details that we tend to forget, causing either a small inconvenience or a painful consequence on the trail.  Consider the following as your checklist to tick on the night before you hit any trail.

1. Trim Your Toenails

Long toenails cause painful discomfort during long walks or summit assaults, as each step puts pressure on them while they hit the tip of your shoes. Worst that can happen is losing your big toenails just like what happened with a hiking buddy during one our climb to Mt. Pico De Loro. True story! You nay also use open sandals if you want to keep your toenails posh.

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2. Charge Your Gadgets

Nothing is more annoying than missing a perfect photo opportunity because your phone’s battery is dying. It’s also stressful not being able to track if you’re on the right direction because your phone aka your GPS is drained. To avoid this, make sure you plug your devices like camera, phone and powerbank at night before hiking so they’ll be fully charged by morning.

3. Save Your Trail Playlist

If you like accompanying your trail adventures with music, then saving offline copies of new or old country favorite songs would be ideal. Spotify premium has been my best friend as it allows me to save road trip playlists easily in one click.

4. Free Up Your Memory Card

If you are a photography enthusiast like me, you would be filling up your storage capacity sooner than you think, especially if you take videos. You can resolve “Insufficient Storage Space” problems by erasing content. However, you may regret it later if you have not backed up your your old pictures and videos. On the night before hiking, open your laptop or computer and move or backup your memory card’s contents.

5. Download The Trail Map

Navigation is one of the top 10 essentials when hitting the trail. And although map applications are easily available for your apple or android phone, some of elements need to be downloaded or saved for you to be able to access them even while you are off the grid.

6. Eat Poop-Provokers

Having the need to relieve the pooping sensation while on the trail is probably the most disgusting feeling while hiking. The lack of comfortable and privy toilets in the wild usually forces you to hold it in in discomfort. You can also find a proper spot and dig a cathole so that your bomb doesn’t disgust others. However, eating  fibrous food like vegetables the night before will help you have a successful toilet session the next morning. Milk and tea usually also work.

7. Set Your Alarm

Lastly, make sure you you wake up on time, allowing for little preparations in the morning like . Delays in departures time starts a domino of unfollowed schedules.


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