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Rock Climbing In The Philippines

Coming back to Manila from Vietnam with my new wall-climbing shoes and harness, I was excited to do an outdoor rock climbing in the Philippines. I have been learning to do indoor climbing at Push Climbing in Saigon where I only spent $20 a month for an unlimited climb. Here in Manila though, prices are at $8/DAY in Climb Central for top-rope and bouldering (Mandaluyong), $5/DAY in Gold’s Gym for bouldering (Mandaluyong), and $7/DAY in Sandugo for top-rope climbing (Market Market).  I also came across an outdoor climbing opportunity from OutdoorGuidePH which I grabbed as soon as time permitted! Here’s a review of my awesome experience!

Ready to climb! Rock climbing philippines
Ready to climb! Rock climbing philippines

Outdoor Guide Philippines Rock Climbing

Here’s what it said in the FB post:

Real Quezon River Rafting Is Now Open!

Are you and your friends vaccinated? You can now try River Rafting in Real Quezon! Dec-Feb is the perfect time to visit because of the rapids! We are now offering again Joiner and Private tours. Message us to inquire.

Posted by The WanderWalkers on Friday, November 19, 2021


What: Outdoor rock climbing for beginners.
When: July 30 Sun| Aug 6 Sun| Aug 13
Where: Wawa, Montalban Rizal

Discover stunning landscapes from a perspective that only climbers are privy to. Experience both rock climbing and abseiling in one session.

#OutdoorGuidePh rock climbing tour is appropriate for all ages and experience levels.

Our certified and experienced climbing instructors help you safely reach the top and return to the ground.

Registration fee

CLIMB A: ₱ 600 One day unlimited climb.
CLIMB B: ₱ 800 Two rock climbing event + Free LEVEL 1 climbing lessons.

Inclusive of local government fees, gear rental, guide, and instructors fee.

For inquiries or reservations, please contact:
Chito 09064478113 (globe)
09296238131 (smart)

Finishing the second route
Finishing the second route

My First Rock Climbing Experience

I joined a group of 5 people who also opted to do the climb on a Wednesday. Actually, Chito required that the minimum participants should be 8 pax, but he still considered our event though we were 2 pax short. On the day of our climb which was a Wednesday, we got to the meeting point in Wawa Rizal pretty early but was worried that it might not push through because it was raining! The rock would probably be wet and slippery. The event was supposed to start at 9 am but due to the traffic the weather caused, 2 of the group made it late; we started at 10 am. The jump off to the vertical rock was the same as that of other mountains in Wawa Montalban, Rizal.

Our rock climbing group with Chito of #OutdoorGuidePH
Our rock climbing group with Chito of #OutdoorGuidePH

It was still raining when we arrived at the venue but the wall was not that slippery since it was a limestone slab. Immediately, Chito set up the ropes making sure everything was secured, then we started climbing. Chito provided for my group mates’ shoes and harness. It’s good to have your own, though. Since there is only one route and one belayer (Chito), we climbed one by one. Rock climbing brought a different kind of fulfillment to the adrenaline junk in me. After we all finished the first route, Chito set up the second route which was more challenging for me.  In total, I was able to climb 3 times. I was also able to practice belaying while Chito was climbing up to either setup or tear down the ropes.

Practicing my belaying skills lol
Practicing my belaying skills lol

Itinerary and How To Get There

6:30 am – meet up in Cubao to ride van going to Montalban (php50)
8:00 am – arrival in Eastwood Montalban, ride tricycle to Wawa (php20)
8:30 am – arrival in Wawa jump off, hike to the venue
9:00 am – arrival at venue, Chito sets up the ropes
9:30 am – start climbing
4:30 pm – end of climbing, Chito will tear down the ropes


If you’re looking for a different kind of adrenaline rush with nature, rock climbing is definitely something to look into! It’s also an opportunity to conquer your fear of heights and fear of falling. 🙂 Chito will guide you of feet and hand positions and encourage you when you need it. He also knows the perfect spots for photos; he will ask one of the group to take photos using his camera which he will share via google drive right after the event. (PS: I will not earn any incentive from writing this!)

First route
First route

Four from the group were beginners and most of them finished the routes even though it was their first time! So the lack of experience is really not an excuse. I’m sure that if you are already climbing mountains in the Philippines, this will be a new and exciting challenge for you as it was for us!

For me, the rate of Php600 ($12) was worth it for my first rock climbing experience! The damage was just like climbing some mountains in the Philippines, even cheaper. You would even get more value if you take Climb B which is 800  ($16) for 2 days of climb (pick your own date).

I’m sure there are more opportunities in doing outdoor climbs in the country. If you know of any, please comment below 🙂

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