Singalong Nature Campsite Hill Review

Singalong Nature Campsite Hill Review

Visiting Singalong Nature Campsite Hill in Antipolo is probably the first adventure I’ve embraced since the Covid19 lockdowns in the Philippines happened. Although I’ve camped twice in Mt. Gulugod Baboy already during GCQ, I don’t consider it as a “new adventure” because I’ve been there countless of times in the past. I’ve been looking for a nature campsite where I could just hang my new LazyHitchhiker hammock away from all other people when I discovered about Singalong Nature Campsite Hill. I messaged their page right away and got a slot for the  weekend, which is great because walk-ins are not allowed. We originally booked for an overnight trip but because of strong rains, we decided to just do a daytrip. Here’s of a review of our experience there.

Singalong Nature Campsite Hill

If you’re looking for a chill hike and camping trip just to break your record of staying at home for the longest time, then you can consider Singalong Nature Campsite Hill in Antipolo. It’s a humble piece of property in the mountains that was converted into a campsite with cottages,  tents and a toilet facility to make camping for the adventurous a little bit more convenient.

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The main campsite sits several cottages acting as platforms for the tents on the side of a hill. You will definitely feel “probinsya life” here as you will be surrounded by trees and unpaved land. There is also a peak where you can pitch your own tent or hammock, but it’s not very spacious therefore can only accommodate around a couple of tents.

Tents in Singalong Nature Campsite is sheltered by an open cottage.
Tents in Singalong Nature Campsite is sheltered by an open cottage.

Getting There

We drove a vehicle going to the campsite to avoid possible exposure to covid. The meet-up place is pinned in Google Maps as Singalong Catholic Chapel where a kid guide welcomed us and led us to the parking spot (also the jump-off), which passes through narrow dirt/rock roads. It is better if you have a 4×4 but our Vios made it anyway. Parking fee is 150 per vehicle for overnight.

If you are commuting, you can follow the instructions below.

1. Ride BUS from Cubao to Rob Antipolo or Grab car to Shopwise Antipolo
2. From Rob or Shopwise Antipolo, rent a tricycle to Brgy. May Iba Alfamart
3. Ride a tricycle going to Singalong Catholic Chapel.

Upon arriving to the meetup place after commuting, you will be picked up by a 4×4 that will bring you to the jumpoff.

Parking Lot and Jump off to Singalong Nature Hill Campsite
Parking Lot and Jump off to Singalong Nature Hill Campsite

The Trail

We started the hike once we’ve arrived to the jump-off.   We originally  planned to wear shoes since we were expecting the campsite to be muddy and slippery due to the rains but the kid guide advised us to just wear open shoes/sandals because we were going to cross waters so we did as advised. The trail is also popular to bikers!

The 30-minute trail has no steep ascents and therefore considered to be very easy if it’s not raining. We started at 9:30 and arrived at 10am. We traversed shallow streams and since there are parts where there is no trail, we could only walk along the streambed. This could get challenging when it is raining as the water level rises and becomes murky making it difficult to see where we were stepping. Before arriving to the campsite, we passed through a waterfalls where some guests were having a bath. This is one of the spots to enjoy near the campsite when it is not raining as the water looks clear and inviting! Around five minutes from the falls is the campsite already.

The Campsite

Main campsite area of Singalong Nature Campsite hill
Main campsite area of Singalong Campsite hill

We arrived at the campsite easily but since we booked to just pitch a hammock at the peak, we only took photos of the main area. The campsite lies along the slope of the hill. There are several cottages amply distanced from each other to allow privacy of each one. The land is raw which gets muddy and slippery during and after rains. Make sure that you wear sandals or shoes with good traction, otherwise you could easily lose your balance or slide down. The path of tires that you can see in the picture are not yet sturdy, and has to be filled with cement so that they can be firm even when it’s rainy.

The Peak at Singalong Nature Campsite

This is probably the best spot of the campsite for me. You can get a pretty view of the surrounding hills, as well as the nearby city from this viewpoint.  It’s not so spacious but it can host a couple of tents or maybe more before it starts to be crowded. There is also a couple of spot where you could hang a hammock.

I just wish previous campers were more responsible to not leave their trash around the peak as it invites a lot of flies. Maybe rain was a factor, too. We were not comfortable preparing food at the summit due to the swarming flies. There is no facility at the peak, and you need to hike a little bit (3-5 mins) to go to the toilet in the main area. When we arrived, the sun was still shining but it started to rain at around noon time.


Rates and other FAQs

The campsite is available for overnight and daytrip. The rates and other information below are from Singalong Campsite’s FB Page.

Reservation is a must. Walk-ins are not allowed.

Overnight: P400.00/pax with tent & beddings.

Daytour: P300/pax with free cottage for eating.

Tent Pitching fee: P350.00 if you have your own tent

Parking fee: P150.00 per car,  P60.00 for motorbikes.

Guide Fee: P100 if you are arriving earlier than the meetup time (12-2pm). We arrived 9am so we paid this to the kid guide.

Mini Kawa Bath fee: P100

Pabili fee: P100 – When you are already at the camp and realized you need something! So make sure you have prepared everything you need before arriving at the jumpoff.

Cookware and utensils may be borrowed for free, but you have to bring your own charcoal or buy from the campsite. 

Enjoy peaceful surroundings at the campsite peak.
Enjoy peaceful surroundings at the campsite peak.


If you’re an adventurer who wants to escape the city life for a while, Singalong Nature Campsite Hill is a good place to experience province vibes. It’s a budget-friendly getaway tucked in the mountains of Antipolo. Just make sure to turn on your “adventure mode” and don’t expect the comforts of the city here. Rather, look forward to peace, serene nature and friendly people.

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