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(Calamian Islands Travel and Tours Review) Coron’s Extra Mile: What You’ve Never Seen or Heard of In Palawan, Philippines

I couldn’t agree more with travelers who voted that the title “World’s Top Island” belongs to Palawan, besting other wondrous piece of water-surrounded-lands on earth in the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2014. I have been dreaming to experience with my own naked eyes the beauty of Coron, Palawan because it really looks lustful to the eyes of a wanderer like me. Two years since I conceived that bucket list item, I still didn’t have the money but I got an incentive at work allowing me the privilege to tick off this Island from my list. Oh thank you, Microsoft Philippines for paying for my Coron adventure. 🙂

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Posted by The WanderWalkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

There are countless travel blogs about Palawan ready to be served by Google (Did I just mention Microsoft and Google in the same blog? Haha) or your mobile travel app at your fingertips. Replicable itineraries, places to go to, restaurants to eat at, hotels to stay in, where to go and how to go, costings, and the likes. This one, however, will not enroll from that roster of documentaries, else I will bore myself in writing this knowing that you have already read most details in the previous blog you checked or the next one you’re gonna click. But as my title goes, I’m 99.9% sure you haven’t read or heard or experienced. Ready, be? 🙂

What I describe as the Extra Mile in Coron is not the breathtaking Islands, lakes, coves nor beaches but the guy assigned by Calamian Travel and Tours to be my traveling group’s Tour Guide. If the picture of an island tour guide that comes to your mind is a Palawan local whose skin is darkened by the sun’s everyday rays, sometimes confidently communicating in English in the local accent, then you got the initial scenario right. But unlike any other hired local tour companions that I have encountered in the past who would really just show you where the way is and that’s it, our tour guide in Coron adds a colorful paint to our adventures. Roy proved to be genuinely an enthusiast and an amazing Palawan local.

He tells historical facts charmingly keeping you from getting bored. (Who doesn’t, on history?)

Yes, he gave us Coron’s geographical background interestingly in good english 🙂

With his ice-breaking jokes, he uplifts some tension caused by the 2-hour delay in our island-hopping trip.

He guides us life-vested, scared to drown non-swimmers to the best spots.

Friendly fishies from Skeleton Wreck
This is me and Era in a funny position about to enter the cave! We got out safely, by the way 🙂

Tirelessly, he pulls us back to the boat when the waves are more than we can conquer (and reminding us not to drink salt water like a salt drink… sounds like soft drink!)

He swims so excellently that you’d feel safe around him when in the deep waters.

Illegal must be a dangerous word, but he does break some rules so we can experience holding a giant clam he fetched from the corals of Cap’s Point.

The giant clam he borrowed from the reef so we can experience touching it 🙂

He patiently guides us up and down some peaks though he’s gone the trails probably a hundred times.

Like a dolphin, he enjoyingly performs tricks to entertain us like diving thru a deep rock formation’s openings.


With willingness, he takes excellent pictures of us, really taking the extra mile just to get the best angles!


So how do you imagine he took this shot? 🙂

He takes additional requests outside his job description… like handling valuables when in the waters so they don’t get wet, or carrying items while trekking up and down hills or even assisting us in each step of our trek.

Like a chef, he prepared our lunch while at the boat.

Roy does the cooking too! And we enjoyed our lunch by the bay 🙂

I sound like I’m promoting him, and yes I do promote him. But the joy of enumerating all these is the revelation that the list of extra miles that makes Roy different from other tour guides, and consequently that Roy makes Coron different than  other trips I’ve been to, leads me to discovering amazing attributes of the God that I know. Unlike many other people’s perception Him, the truth is that God is…

Full of adventures and challenges

A source of security and enjoyment

Brimming with surprising ideas or revelations

Bringing you difficult roads but at the end leads to breathtaking experiences

Never leaves you nor forsakes you especially through through hard times

Always willing to be your very present help in time of need

 I had a short conversation with Roy after the trip to thank him for making the tour extra fun. Eventually, I found out that he’s a Christian, too. Then I had no wonder why he reflected the characters that our God possesses. 🙂

P.S. If you’re having second thoughts of getting

Calamian Travel and Tours to set your itinerary, I assure you that it will make your trip worth the money you paid. And if you can, request for Roy’s service. Then comment on this post if you have also experienced Coron’s Extra Mile 🙂

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