52 Travel and Destination-Inspired Movies

wanderlust movies

Running out of travel and destination-inspired films to watch? Here’s a list of movies based on suggestions from members of GirlsLoveTravel. I’m also saving you the time of searching ratings and plots from IMDB or Rottentomatoes by pasting them here. The first 5 are my favorites while the rest are in random order.… Read the rest

How To Travel Longer In Another Country

travel longer

So you love to travel, observe other cultures, meet new friends from other nations, eat diverse cuisines, and venture into nature’s islands and landscapes that take your breath away. Somehow, you feel the urge to do it not just whenever there’s a long weekend or a holiday; you dream of doing it more often.… Read the rest

The Wanderlust Playlist

travel playlist

Imagine sitting by the window on a bus, or a train, or a plane or your own car, looking out on breathtaking views while getting farther from where you came from. Nothing would be more frustrating at this moment than not having good music to accompany your epic adventure.… Read the rest

How to Publish your First PAID Travel Blog (Travelicious Walkthrough)

get paid by travel writing


How can you actually make money out of your travel writing?

If you have been keeping an amateur personal blog where you post your travel experiences and tips plainly for the love of travel writing and documenting your awesome adventures, OR if you have just started travel writing, OR you’re just about to start writing, then you could earn at least AU$40 per article.… Read the rest

The WanderWalkers from Taal Volcano

the wanderwalkers

One miracle that only adventurers and risk-takers can experience is the wonder of building good friendships out of the strangest events with amazing people from different walks of life. This is a magic that I have experienced after deciding to join 14 other strangers hike the scorching secret trail of Taal Volcano last April 17, 2016. … Read the rest

Why Crystal Beach Is The Best Beach in Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales

d0b22abe3e8c5376d7400ffcef84f6b8b3f6d40e0742c8f0fbac686fd884f26f_fullWho wouldn’t long for a relaxing beach getaway after a series of adventurous summer trips including a scorching trek to Taal Volcano Lake, chasing waterfalls in Laguna, and a risky hike to the monolith of Pico de Loro? I decided to head to Crystal Beach last May 16 for I could not think of any other resort to satisfy my craving to just beach bum, watch the sun rise and set, hear the waves crashing to the shore while I chat or not with my friends, read a book, swing by a hammock, not thinking of any work nor any itinerary.… Read the rest