How I Spent $170 for a 5-Day Outdoor Adventure in Malaysia

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View of Kuala Lumpur from Titiwangsa Park
View of Kuala Lumpur from Titiwangsa Park

Kuala Lumpur is just another big Asian city along with Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, Manila, and the like. That’s how I thought of it until my feet stepped into its nature-surrounded federal territory. I started to fantasize of exploring Kuala Lumpur attractions when I met Hanna, a Malaysian local whom I became friends with after sharing the trail to the crater lake of Taal Volcano in the Philipines with 13 other strangers.… Read the rest

Hiking in Vietnam: Chua Chan Mountain (DIY Guide)

chua chan mountain

Adventure is one of the reasons I moved to Ho Chi Minh. Exploring the never ending list of good local food, building friendships with  locals and expats, learning to drive the motorbike, adapting to the crazy way locals navigate the roads, and working for a school with an internationally-represented staff and kids of diverse culture are presenting me constant fun adventures everyday. … Read the rest