Is Balabac Palawan Safe?

Is Balabac Safe

I have been receiving a lot of messages from foreign and local travelers who want to visit Balabac but are nervous because of the existing mindset that it is not safe there. As someone who has traveled there four times accompanied by other Pinoy and international adventurers (yes I travel balabac in groups), I will attempt to answer this tricky question.… Read the rest

Tutu and Le Voyage Coron: Affordable Hostel, Vegan Restaurant and Tours

Coron is so beautiful that I have visited it four times already! My last visit there was to do a shoot with GMA’s Pop Talk crew to review 3 of the top resorts in Coron. It was an honor to have the privilege to work with Kuya Tonipet of Pop Talk and his crew for a day, hopping from one high-end resort to another, including Corto Del Mar Hotel, Coron Soleil Garden Hotel, and Sunlight Guest Hotel.… Read the rest

Mt. Malac (Mal-ak) and Baawan Falls Hiking Guide

Mt. Malac (Mal-ak) and Baawan Falls Guide

An exciting trail with scenic mountain peaks and virgin waterfalls was recently opened for hikers in Rodriguez Rizal. Resting in Sitio Puray, Mt. Malac or Mt. Mal-ak is a 644 MASL peak with a 16.32km trail in Sierra Madre that is still undiscovered by the majority of hikers in the Philippines since its opening last December 2017.… Read the rest