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Trail Hiking Preparation: 7 Things To Do The Night Before

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We all know that on the night before hiking, the most important thing to do is to make sure our backpacks are light but complete. However, having hiked 20 mountains trails in a span of 10 months since I started, I realized that there are tiny preparation details that we tend to forget, causing either a small inconvenience or a painful consequence on the trail.  … Read the rest

Hiking In Vietnam: Mt. Fansipan, Sapa (A Complete Guide)

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Mt Fansipan is one of the highlights Vietnam brag about, tagged as the “Roof of Indochina” piercing the sky at 3,143 MASL, highest among all the peaks in its neighboring Indochina countries. (Although I have recently found out that the statement would not be valid if Burma or Myanmar will be counted among IndoChina, as it houses in its borders Hkakabo Razi, the highest in the entire Southeast Asia).… Read the rest

Hiking In Vietnam: Dinh Mountain (DIY Guide)

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In its mountain scarcity, Southern Vietnam humbly boasts of its top 3 highest mountains: Black Virgin Mountain being the highest at 996MASL, Chua Chan Mountain at 800MASL and Ba Ra (White Virgin) Mountain at 736MASL. My original plan after conquering the first two is to complete the series by going on a 4-5 hour journey from Saigon to Ba Ra Mountain.… Read the rest